Saturday, March 04, 2006


Make money playing videogames

Insane, I know.

This is how I started 4 years ago. Let me tell you how it works. Go to ebay and punch in "diablo 2 accounts" or "World of warcraft accounts" look at those prices. All you have to do is play these games and build high level characters to sell. back in 2002-2004 i was making $300+ a week with this method. My personal method was using a t1 line with 8 computers in my basement. I made $10 - $20 an account depending on if I left good found items on the characters.

I can share how to do this with diablo 2. follow this list:

First thing you need is as many computers, up to 8, with diablo 2 on them as you can get.

1. you need a level 90 palidin with enigma armor. I suggest buying one for 20 dollars off of ebay.

2. go to use this guide to build your paladin appropriately.

3. on your other computers create a diablo 2 account on each.

4. run a google search on how to "rush" diablo 2 characters of ask people on diablo 2 chats. the process is simple.

5. create a game with one of your accounts you will sell. password the game.

6. enter with your paladin and any other accounts.

7. ally all your characters.

8. perform rush. make sure to have your selling account characters town portaled to safe spot near the place that you will complete a goal.


ok now after reading up on rushes and reading these steps. you need to know how to lvl your accounts. when you get to baal's throne room, put up a town portal in the corner. bring all of your characters into corner. then have your paladin Blessed hammer all of the minions.

there are 3 difficulties. here is the lvls to use to determint the difficulty you characters should be in.

normal: 1 t0 35-40
nightmare: up tp 60 or 70
hell: i would suggest stopping at 70 to 80.

make sure that you leave the rune quest undone on characters.
also never ever spend any stat or skill points on characters you are going to sell

then finally you are ready to put your accounts for sell on ebay.

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